I am the channel through which your wish shall be fulfilled. You may ask for a wish I can repeat, or you may ask for a wish that will happen once only. Decide.

—  summoned Djinni

Limited Wish is a very potent spell that allows the spellcaster to potentially alter the actuality of the subsistence in a limited way.


The Limited Wish is a very potent but difficult spell. It will fulfill literally, but only partially or for a limited duration, the utterance of the spellcaster. Thus, the actuality of the past, present, or future might be altered (but possibly only for the wizard unless the wording of the spell is most carefully stated) in some limited manner. The use of a Limited Wish will not substantially change major realities. The spell can, for example, restore some Hit Points lost by the wizard. Greedy desires usually end in disaster for the wisher. Lastly, the wiser the wizard, the better chance that <PRO_HESHE> will choose the right wording. Wizards with low Wisdom will more often than not meet with disaster when asking for a wish.


  • In classic versions, you can initiate talk to the summoned Djinni with other companions aside from the caster; In enhanced editions, the djinni can’t be interacted with and will only talk to his summoner if s/he is within his visual range, he will disappear after 45 secs have passed
  • For some wishes, the interactor will instantly cast a spell that carries the effects; for some others, the game will create the desired wish effects regardless of the interactor's state
A repeatable wish
Wisdom Wish Result
≥ 16 "I wish that spells I have cast would be restored, that I might cast them again!" Each party spellcaster regains 1 spell of each spell level from 4 downwards; if no spell from that level was used, the next possible lower level will be affected
≤ 15 "I wish for my spells to be restored!" Each wizard in the party loses 100 wizard spells from their memory, starting at highest spell level
≥ 12 "I wish to make my party invulnerable." Minor Globe of Invulnerability at caster level 10 for each party member
≤ 11 "I wish that magic would fail to affect me or my party." 100% spell casting failure for whole party, 45 sec
≥ 10 "I wish for my entire party to be healed." Each party member gets 20 HPs restored and is cured from blindness, deafness, disease, intoxication and poison
≥ 10 "I wish to be protected from the undead." Negative Plane Protection for each party member
≤ 9 "I wish that none of my party would die of their wounds." The whole party gets poisoned (1 HP/sec for 25 sec; bypasses magic resistance, can't be dispelled)
≤ 9 "I wish to be protected from undead right now." Sets time to midnight; 1 Ancient Vampire, 2 different Elder Vampires and 3 Mature Vampires attack
≥ 1 "I wish to summon a horde to overrun my enemies." Summons 20 rabbits for 45 sec
A one-time wish (per savegame)
Wisdom Wish Result
≥ 14 "I wish for control over time." Time Stop
≥ 12 "I wish that all my enemies will die." Wail of the Banshee
≥ 12 "I wish to see all as it really is." Glasses of Identification
≥ 11 "I wish for a powerful magical item." Full Plate Mail +2
≥ 10 "I wish to be prepared for anything." Chain Contingency
≥ 10 "I wish for an adventure like none I've ever experienced before."
(Only available during Shadows of Amn and with Captain Dennis at the Delosar's Inn in Athkatla's Bridge District being alive.)
Limited Wish Adventure
≥ 10 "I wish to be rich." Black Opal, Pearl, Horn Coral Gem, Emerald, 2,000Gold Piece IMISC0700000 Item icon BG1
≥ 6 "I wish to be anything I desire." Shapechange
≥ 4 "I wish to be more experienced." Adamantite Golem (25,000 XP), Juggernaut Golem (16,000 XP), Sand Golem (14,000 XP)

Where to obtain its scroll Edit

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of BhaalEdit