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Liia Jannath is one of the Grand Dukes of the city of Baldur's Gate as well as a member of the Council of Four, along with Entar Silvershield, Belt and Eltan. She will appear in Chapter Seven in the Ducal Palace during the coronation of Sarevok.

After being ambushed by greater doppelgangers during the ceremony, you can give her Sarevok's diary to prove Sarevok's guilt (if Duke Belt was killed in the ensuing battle). Liia will then transport the party to the Thieves' Guild.

Note: It is imperative that, at a minimum, either her or Duke Belt remain alive after killing all of the doppelgangers or Winski Perorate will appear and Flame Strike Gorion's Ward into ash, ending the game. It is also impossible to kill Jannath, even if Belt is alive, as once again - Winski, flame strike, death.
Note: There is a dialogue option with Duke Liia Jannath where you can confess the eventual killing of Petrine's uncle and ask her to take care of the girl, to which she will agree. There are no other consequences from that dialogue.


Although Liia's spellbook contains spells up to the eighth level, she only uses Mirror Image and Magic Missile during combat.

(Though her race script is MAGE5, her override script (LIIA.BCS) gives her the ability to cast magic missile.)

She is more likely to survive if the mage spell Spirit Armor is cast on her in advance of the battle. If cast by an invisible companion this action will not trigger the dialogue.