Liches are powerful undead magic-users that can be very dangerous to an underleveled or unprepared party.


All liches are naturally immune to non-magical weapons and spells of level five or lower.

Being formidable spellcasters, liches have access to level 9 spells and typically open battles with Protection From Magical Weapons, Stoneskin and Spell Trap to make themselves nigh-invincible. They can also cast powerful crowd control spells like Time Stop, Symbol, Stun and Symbol, Fear.

As undead, liches are vulnerable to Anti-Undead weapons such as Mace of Disruption, Azuredge or Daystar.


Named lichesEdit

Several Liches in the game have unique names:

Unnamed lichesEdit

Two unnamed Liches guard the parts Kangaxx body for the Restore Kangaxx's body quest: one Elemental Lich in the basement of a building south of Delosar's Inn in Bridge District, and the other in the Cult of the Unseeing Eye area of Athkatla Sewers. Another unnamed Lich guards the Daystar behind secret door Crooked Crane Inn at the Athkatla City Gates.

High level spawnsEdit

If Gorion's Ward has an experience of at least 2,000,000 points, liches, each time accompanied by two skeleton warriors and two greater mummies, will spawn at the following locations:[1]


Liches are fond of using Disintegrate, Imprisonment, Power Words and Symbols. Counter these spells by using Death Ward and Spell Immunity: Alteration (stops Disintegration), Conjuration (stops Power Words and Symbols) and Abjuration (stops Imprisonment, as well as Dispel and Remove Magic, which they tend to use to make your party more vulnerable), and Protection From Undead

Getting past the lich's defenses is hard, as it will be immune to Breach, Lower Resistance, Greater Malison, Dispel Magic and Remove Magic. Players should use Pierce Magic, Pierce Shield and Ruby Ray of Reversal to get rid of the spell protections and lower its Magic Resistance instead. Removing the combat protections via a spell is impossible, however, as there is no high-level equivalent of breach. Instead, the party should rely on Arrow of Dispelling or Carsomyr (which has a dispel magic on hit) for the combat protections that these individuals will have. Additionally being a + 5 weapon, Carsomyr is unaffected by spells such as Improved Mantle.

In Baldur's Gate 2, an inquisitor's Dispel Magic (which is considered a special ability and not a spell) works on liches and is often enough to undo most of the protections afforded by the initial spells casted by a Lich.

The Level 7 Clerical spell Sunray is effective against liches, dealing (LVL)*d6 damage to undead and forces them to save or be destroyed. As an AoE spell sunray is not affected by their MR. Other, less useful damaging spells, include Sol's Searing Orb, False Dawn and Bolt of Glory.