Baldur's Gate Wiki

This area is technically part of Spellhold.

Note:This area may never be encountered, and is entirely "missable", as it can only be experienced based on the party's dialogue response to the fourth and final riddle presented during the Elven Table while Spellhold Test encounter.


If the party is transported to this area by the Apparition (Spellhold), he will say:

"I have no test to give you in this place. That you are here at all is problematic, though it does show some measure of ingenuity on your part. Indicate when you are finished. Since I have no idea how you should be tested here, I leave it to you to decide when you should leave. After this comes judgment."

The party now decides if the want to examine this room, or they can just pass on this and speak with the Apparition and allow him to transition to "judgement".

Assuming the party examines the room, first notice a container that has a random treasure within.

Interacting with the lever machine on the wall panel activates a text dialogue reading:

"You find an opened book beside a body on the floor." - And afterwards, another dialogue message reading:
"The machine has six levers arrayed on a console. They are ruby, jade, mithral, onyx, emerald, and sandalwood. The machine can only be activated by pulling all six levers in the proper ranking."

At this time the party receives Lium's Journal of Malevolent Magicks placed in their inventory.

Note:It may be prudent to read this journal. We suggest selecting the dialogue option "Stop using the machine and read the book for clues".

When ready, interact with the machine again and start selecting the first lever choice. If correct, another menu displays and the second lever can be selected, and so on. If any levers are selected that are incorrect, then the party member performing the lever selection is struck by a non-bouncing Lightning Bolt, which is frankly on the lower power scale. When this occurs a message reads:

"Energy shoots from the machine, and you jump back. It appears as though you have the levers ranked incorrectly. All of the levers return to their original positions. You shall have to begin again."

If the machine's lever ranking sequence is correctly solved, a message displays in the dialogue box (paraphrased to avoid spoilers):

"You pull the last lever, and an item drops down the chute. A small explosion rocks the machine, and the entire device grinds to a halt. It lets out one last chug of smoke and is silent."

When ready to depart this area, speak with the Apparition again. If the party correctly solved the lever test, then the party will automatically be transported from this room. Regardless, if the test was solved or not, the Apparition will transport all to the Final Judgement Spellhold Test area.




  • Lever Test - triggers ELELEV01.bcs script.


There is a non-visible container holding a Random scroll. Take this item before letting the Apparition know the party wishes to leave, as a return to the room later is impossible.