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This is the second of two Letter's from Slythe to Sarevok that are found in the possession of Cythandria during Chapter Seven. They both detail Sarevok's plans to use assassins in the killing of the remaining three Grand Duke's.



I must say that our first victim was not the challenge that my wife and I had expected. The foppish idiot had only the most token of defenses. However, I can assure you that Entar screamed quite deliciously all the way to the end. I hope that this next mission is much more difficult; from what you have told me, it would seem to be. Assassinating two Grand Dukes in their own palace, while they harangue the high nobles of Baldur's Gate no less! I can't wait! You still know where to find us. You should come down and enjoy the pleasures of the Undercellar for yourself; but if I know you, that'll never happen.

Your obedient servant,

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