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This Letter is the first of two letters found on a desk located in the rear bedroom on the fifth floor of the Iron Throne Headquarters. It details Sarevok's deception to his adoptive father Rieltar regarding Gorion's Ward and party supposed alliances and death, and his "excuse" for missing the meeting in Candlekeep between members of the Iron Throne and the Knights of the Shield.



I received your letter, and I can assure you that the mercenaries led by <Gorion's Ward> will no longer trouble our operations. I have dealt with them personally. Before dying, they were most forthcoming in their revelations. It is as you had surmised: They were agents of the Zhentarim. I am also writing to tell you that I cannot attend the meeting at Candlekeep. Some problems have arisen with the Chill and the Blacktalons. They have had trouble working with each other, and I am needed there to smooth over any dissension. I am sorry that I will not be at your side.