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Letter is a that may be found in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.

Taken from the body of the Shadowy Figure after the fight at the Canyon Ambush, this letter foreshadows further conflict for Gorion's Ward.



(This note has been carefully folded into a perfect square. The letter has neither a greeting nor a signature.)

<CHARNAME>'s travels provide an opportunity to carry out one of the tests I had in mind. Hire a band of mercenaries and pit them against <PRO_HIMHER>. Your hirelings will likely perish in the attempt, but you seem to have an uncanny aptitude for cheating death. Assess the Bhaalspawn's strengths and weaknesses carefully and send your report in care of my contact in Athkatla. Do not disappoint me again, my shadowed minion. You know the price of failure.