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The Letter is found in Lanneth's room in the Red Wizard Enclave, opened by the Laboratory Key, during the quest Neera's Hidden Refuge.

It is written by Autharch Vicross to Lanneth, and mentions Ekandor from previous and his failed attempt to capture Neera, as well as the cities of Esmeltaran, Purskul, and Athkatla, which are all located in Amn.


Dear Lanneth,

LONG SIGH. You know how I hate writing letters. Now that Ekandor's dead, I'm really, really hoping you can do better work. So far, we don't have much to show for the presence of our Order in the west. I heard you captured some wild mages; I was thrilled, believe me! Especially after what happened to Ekandor and the host we sent after the half-elf Neera. But then I heard you lost them somehow; I was unhappy all over again. Then I heard you caught another one! Then I heard you lost him. This dreary cycle is really taking a toll on me.

It's nothing a little vacation won't cure, though. You'll be glad to hear that I'm coming for a visit soon. Within the next few months, I plan to visit Esmeltaran, Purskul, and Athkatla. I'm sure things will take a better turn before I get there. Oh! Let me tell you about the marvelous traveling bag I just commissioned for the trip: It's capacious, made of velvet (red, obviously!), and has a nice gold trim. I had your name embroidered into it, too—just in case I need to bring your head back to Thay with me.

Autharch Vicross
Chief of the Order of Eight Staves