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After Neira's death during her assassination attempt at the Nashkel Inn, a letter or scroll can be found on her body, revealing that she indeed acted as a bounty hunter, but without any further clue to whom it is that wants the death of Gorion's Ward in Baldur's Gate.



Be it known to all those of evil intent, that a bounty has been placed upon the head of <Gorion's Ward>, the foster child of Gorion.

Last seen in the region of Beregost, this person is to be killed in quick order. The subject is to be considered a formidable foe, and is likely to have well-equipped traveling companions.

This offer has been extended to all appropriate guilds.

Those returning with proof of the deed shall receive no less than 680 coins of gold.

As always, any that reveal these plans to the forces of law shall join the target in their fate.


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