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This unique demon is encountered in the ritual chamber within the Temple of Lolth in Ust Natha. The demon is summoned forth by Matron Mother Ardulace Despana, after she is provided certain necessary components provided by the party, including Eyestalk of an Elder Orb, Kuo-toa's Blood or Elder Brain Blood (or all three).

This encounter is part of the The Drow Summoning Ritual quest.

The stats and abilities summarized on this page and in the InfoBox have no bearing on the player's adventure - unless the party faces the demon in battle.

The only way to battle this demon is to allow the demon to get its hands on the real dragon eggs - whether from the matron or Phaere. Once that happens the demon will expose the party as non drow intruders and turn hostile (including all drow in the city).

Another method is to have the demon lord slay the matron, and just as Phaere is about to hand over the real dragon eggs to the fiend, a dialogue option presents so that the PC can interrupt this process (or remain silent). If interrupted, Phaere and the demon lord will turn hostile, the party will be exposed, and the entire drow city will be immediately hostile as well.

If PC is of evil alignment and has the real dragon eggs still in possession, then a dialogue option will present itself. The PC may trade the dragon eggs for a favor from the demon (or remain silent).

The choices of what are allowed to ask for and potential rewards are covered in The Drow Summoning Ritual article.

If the demon lord never gets the real dragon eggs and has slain both the matron and Phaere, the PC can just remain silent or tell the demon to return from whence it came. The party then needs to decide if they will grab some loot in the room and head for the Ust Natha exit - or risk remaining in the city longer and attacking the drow.


The lesser demon lord is scripted to attack in melee combat and select targets for various spells. Certain spells are "force cast" and thus are not interruptible. All of the spells listed in the InfoBox are scripted for use, some determined by target availability, and others based on timed intervals.

A +5 or better enchantment level is needed to be able to strike the demon with a weapon. It is unusual that this demon has zero fire resistance, and this vulnerability may be put to use by the party.

The demon has a high magic resistance, so effects which do not bypass this are likely to fail against the demon.

As long as the party has access to a +5 enchanted item(s), this creature is not defensively tough or durable in any way and will be quickly susceptible to reducing its mediocre hit points. Killing the demon with magic can be problematic due to its magic resistance. Spells that ignore magic resistance can work very well.

Should the demon be defeated by the party, the creature provides only its assigned XP reward, and drops no loot or items.


Mod content[]

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod, and the "Improved Fiends" component will alter the Minor Demon Lord. It will have all the immunities of the unmodded creature, plus the following revisions as follows:

Lesser Demon Lord 25 Hit Dice (caster level 25 both mage and cleric):
STR 21, DEX 18, CON 20, INT 20, WIS 16, CHA 25; AL Chaotic Evil
HP 250, AC -12, THAC0 -4, Saving Throws 5/7/6/5/8
3 Attacks Per Round, (two main hand, 1 off-hand):
Main hand: 2d6+14 Slashing Damage (Long Sword +5) plus 15% Vorpal strike (save vs. death at -4)
Off-hand: 1d4+14 Crushing Damage +3d6 fire (Flail-whip +5)
Special Qualities:
Immune to all weapons below +5 enchantment
Immune to charm, confusion, hold, stun, sleep, poison, disease, level drain & death effects
Protected from most fire and electricity-based spells
Cold Resistance 50%; Fire and Electricity Resistance 100%; Magic Resistance 90%
Special Abilities:
See Invisibility (permanent)
Wail of the Banshee (once)
Dispel Magic - innate (once)
Domination - innate (once)
Stoneskin - innate (once)
Teleport without error - innate (once)
Breach (three per day)
Firestorm (once)
Abyssal Flame Strike (three per day)
Implosion (once)
True Seeing {three per day)
Power Words: Stun, or Kill (three each per day)
Symbols: Stun or Death (three each per day)

An SCS Improved Fiend AI is provided, allowing better defensive and tactical behavior. The demon will adjust its attacks depending on party protective spells and certain items equipped. It will do a good job not squandering attacks on a party member protected against its attacks until that protection is removed, and or will select a more vulnerable target. The game difficulty selection will affect the challenge factor and what the creature is able to do offensively.

Those not protected against instant death effects will be at risk during this battle, probably exposed to such effects several times. The demon will typically perform melee attacks and one innate ability cast each round, until dead.

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