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Lesser Air Elementals (watcher's Keep) are a variant of elementals and specifcally Lesser Air Elemental in Baldur's Gate (game). This article page is for a unique one-of-a-kind elemental in Watcher's Keep. For the "regular" variety see the Lesser Air Elemental page, including Lesser Air Elementals summoned by spells or the Staff of Air.



  • Lesser air elementals are immune to normal weapons and to magical ones with an enchantment below +2. They can inflict 1d20 crushing damage (with +7 for strength bonus) using a +3 enchanted melee weapon attack, but only get one attack per round.
  • This is usually achieved by equipping the undroppable items IMMUNE2.ITM as a ring, and the B1-20M3.ITM as a melee quick weapon.
  • There is also another equipped GORAIR.ITM ring that makes this particular elemental immune to effects of the Air Laboratory (fan room) electricity bolts and buffeting effect.