Lavok's Sphere, also known as the Planar Sphere and referred to almost exclusively by that moniker, is a massive and wondrous piece of arcane engineering that appears in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.

Lavok's Sphere

Lavok's Sphere as it appears after 'phasing' into the surrounding structures

The Planar Sphere is a magic-crafted fortress, possibly a self-contained Demiplane, which is also capable of planeshifting at will to other places throughout the multiverse. It is even capable of travelling to other worlds scattered across the Prime Material, even those that are normally "sealed" against incursions, like Athas and Krynn - this can be proven by the presence of the trio of Solamnian Knights and the small village of cannibalistic Athasian Halflings whom Gorion's Ward encounters inside. It derives this power from an arcane engine that apparently consumes the hearts of Outsiders as fuel; it is unknown if it requires Tanari'ri hearts specifically, or if other Outsiders, such as Baatezu, Eladrin and Aasimon, can also serve as fuel.

Created centuries ago by the wizard Lavok, for whatever reason, the Planar Sphere has recently reappeared in Faerûn, manifesting in the Slums District of Athkatla. The Cowled Wizards have been unable to breach its exterior, but divination have revealed that the blood of a descendant of Lavok would open the Sphere and allow access.

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As a stronghold Edit

Once the Planar Sphere has returned to Athkatla, the Cowled Wizards are willing to grant ownership of it to Gorion's Ward if they are a Mage, or Sorcerer — provided that the ward currently has no other stronghold and are willing to prove responsible (read: "toe the line"). This begins the Mage Stronghold quest.on 

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