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Lastin, a Keep guard accused of stealing, and you can investigate further - PPE Mod portrait

Lastin is one of the new guards hired after the de'Arnise Keep was restored following the invasion by TorGal and his trolls. Unfortunately, Lastin developed a bit of a sticky finger issue, stealing small items such as a goblet, some silverware, a few coins from the servants' quarters. Captain Cernick investigated the thefts and caught Lastin red-handed, attempting to take a necklace that belonged to the late Lady de'Arnise.

Lastin has confessed his crime but the captain is unsure how to punish him, so he brought the issue before Gorion's Ward, who has become the new ruler of the keep. Questioning him reveals that he was stealing to come up with 500 gp to purchase some expensive medicines needed by his sick wife.

Well... I never intended to steal from you, my <Lady/Lord>. But... my wife... she's come down awfully sick. I've had healers and priests come to see her, but they say a simple spell won't do.

If the protagonist is benevolent, Lastin receives the funds needed to purchase the medicine for his wife. Additionally, he'll possibly keep his job, or at the worst he might even be executed. If the Ward is not so heavy handed in dealing justice, the crime shall be punished by death.


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