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Lassal is a male vampire that appears during the events of Chapter 3, if you have decided to side with Aran Linvail in the guild war between the Shadow Thieves and Bodhi's Vampire Coven.

Appearances and gameplay[]

Lassal will first appear down at the Shipyard Docks during the first task Linvail has Gorion's Ward perform for him. After a brief conversation with Mook, where he says "Mook... I've been looking for you", he'll turn hostile and attack, killing Mook and then concentrating on Gorion's Ward if the Ward is within sight. However, this is only an exploratory attack and once the vampire reaches a certain hit point threshold, he'll revert to his gaseous form and disappear.

Note:For a more in-depth walkthrough of Lassal's involvement and attacking Bodhi's Vampire hideout task - see Aran's Task - Defeat Bodhi and her guild.

He reappears when Linvail has Gorion's Ward attack Bodhi's hideout in the Lower Tombs beneath the Graveyard District as the final task to receive the Shadow Thieves' help in finding Imoen. Once Haz and his Golem Fleshy have opened the complex doors, Lassal will be waiting near the main doors to the hideout and will jeer "Fools! The mistress knew you would come! Fight then, and know you die for nothing!" before vanishing.

He'll taunt the party again inside the hideout, saying "Come then, come to your doom! Dare you breach the inner sanctum? I think not!" before escaping down into Bodhi's Lair.

Down in the lair, he'll be found waiting inside Bodhi's inner sanctum and will once again taunt the party and dare you to face him upstairs in the "room of blood and blades" - before vanishing from view. The party can then find him in that ominous sounding room, which is where is where the final showdown with Lassal takes place. Once located in the room Lassal has some back and forth with the lead attacker in your party before saying "For Mistress Bodhi, I will eviscerate you! She shall have tapestries of your sinew and bone! Come! Come to your end!", and the fight will commence.

Assuming he's "killed" the creature will revert to his gaseous form and drift back to his coffin where he needs to be staked to be permanently put to final death.

Note: Staking Lassal, Durst, and Gellal is required to complete the Aran's tasks to receive the Shadow Thieves' aid quest and advance to Chapter 4.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems and the "Improved Vampires" component makes some revisions to Lassal. The mod assigns a new default script for the vampire, to recognize party member immunities to level drain and other protections for better targeting and tactics. Lassal is now a level 12/12 Fighter/Thief class, with 20 STR, 20 DEX, 19 CON, 145 HP, an adjusted Attacks per round of 2.5, THAC0 2, and Armor Class -5. He can only be struck with +2 enchanted weapons or greater. He may use any of the SCS standard vampire innate abilities such as Vampire Domination, shapeshift to bat or wolf, and has the CON draining melee attack to go along with the level drain.

When Lassal is in the room of blood and blades, if not destroyed quickly he may attempt to shapeshift into a bat form, and fly around the chamber regenerating from damage. He moves at 288% of normal speed while in this form. If you try and chase the vampire in the room, you most likely will be struck by the piercing damage traps throughout the horrible chamber. Lassal may summon a host of giant rats as well, that can cause a poisonous disease effect on a hit and block your foot movement.

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