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Lanka can be found within the Imnesvale Inn with Baron Metrich and a few of the baron's retinue after you have received the task of removing the squatters from the Baron's land. Speak with the baron for a rundown of accusations and problems he has been having, according to him, with these so-called land squatters. If you question or reject the baron's version of the land squatting, Lanka will speak up with additional dialogue. If you can show that the baron has been untruthful about the squatters', then Lanka will no longer be loyal to the baron. Lanka is also a fighter with some skills and weapons and armor. She is loyal to the baron in all ways, until proven that the baron is deceitful.

Although assigned a multi-class, she behaves as just a fighter, and has no cleric abilities or restrictions.

Mod content[]

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Sword Coast Stratagems makes no changes to Lanka.