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Landrin is a female Gnome who is found on the third floor of the The Friendly Arm Inn. She is on her way to Baldur's Gate to get some poison, as her home in Beregost has been overrun with Huge Spiders.

When spoken to, she will ask Gorion's Ward and party to go to her house and clear out the spiders so she can return to it. But she will need proof that the task has been completed. She will give an extra reward if her bottle of wine and her husband's boots are also retrieved.



Depending on her reaction, Landrin will offer the quest in either higher or lower friendly terms to the party, highlighting more or less lucrative goals of the quest:

Reaction seven or lower
Hey, you. I'm old and my feet are tired. If you could run back to Beregost and bring me a wine bottle from my cellar, I'll give you 75 gold pieces. It's the house right to the west of the Jovial Juggler Inn. If you step on a spider or two while there I'll up the reward, though I'll need proof. Bring my husband's old boots too, if you please.
Reaction between eight and fourteen
Hey, I've got a teeny bit of a spider infestation happening in my cellar in Beregost. I was on my way to the Gate to get some poison but this would be a lot easier on my legs, to be honest. You'll know the house when you see it. It's right to the west of the Jovial Juggler Inn. Bring back their bodies to prove you've done the job and I'll give you 100 gold pieces. If you could, please bring my husband's old boots and my ol' bottle of wine back as well, and I'll throw in something extra.
Reaction fifteen and higher
Hey, I've got an infestation of poisonous spiders in my cellar in Beregost. Bentley said I could stay here until they move on but I hate to impose. You'll know the house when you see it: just to the west of the Jovial Juggler Inn. Here, take these potions with you. They're antidotes against the poison. Keep whatever you don't use and I'll give you an extra 120 gold pieces if you bring back my husband's old boots that he keeps down there. If you bring back one of their bodies and my ol' bottle of wine as well, I might toss in a little something extra too.

These correspond to different wordings of the quest journal entry too, but the quest itself is the same in each case, the only difference being the six antidote's she gives to aid with the highest reaction option.