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What is this delay, Deril? Do not make me chastise you for keeping us waiting. Perhaps you are not worthy?

Lagole Gon is a Lich serving as an aide, or maybe a friend to Deril. He can be found in the Deril Estate during the companion quest Cernd's Child. He is extremely high level although he is not immune to level 1-5 spells nor normal weapons like other Liches.

In fact, the only special Lich ability retained is to see Invisible Creatures similar to Detect Invisibility. Instead of a Lich Touch melee attack, he has a normal quarterstaff. Although Lagole is menacing in appearance, he is mostly neutral in his dealings with visitors and Deril's affairs. He will only resort to hostilities if the party attacks him. However, he is evil, and a quasi-lich, so there will be no consequences or reputation loss if you do attack him. Depending on your world view, perhaps Lagole deserves some retribution and has it coming.


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Once made hostile (which is optional and not a foregone conclusion) the Lich will by applying a preparation of protective buffs including Shield (spell) and Stoneskin, and then immediately thereafter another Spell trigger with Mislead, Fireshield (Red) and Globe of Invulnerability. A True Sight, Vocalize if silenced and a Spell Turning may be cast as well, and if able. Another protective contingency is prepared for instant release wit Improved Mantle, Spell Turning and Mislead.

Offensively the Lich can cast Time Stop, and then several symbols. If not disrupted with damage, the spellcasting can be very lethal to the party. See the InfoBox for available spells, which are all scripted for use.


Lagole Gon has two levels specified in the .cre file - 29/30 - however he is a single class unkitted Mage. For gameplay purposes, the creature is not provided with any of the usual immunities that the Undead or a Lich typically possess. In this sense, Lagole is only a mage with a Lich appearance.

Mod Content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod will make changes to Lagole Gon.

  • SCS changes Lagole Gon to a Level 29 Invoker. No stats or other innate abilities are changed. Spell selection will differ, however.
  • Installation of SCS's "Smarter Mages" Component will make noticeable changes to this creature's casting spell choices and Artificial Intelligence. It improves targeting and use of sequencers, triggers, contingencies and pre-casting protective spells. Overall, the lich will be more of a challenge. Depending on the game difficulty selection, the lich will use High Level Abilities as well.

Installation of the Spell Revisions mod will change the lich's spellbook to the SR versions. This Mod is compatible and designed to work with SCS. Instead of Spell Immunity he will apply "Dispel Shield", for example.