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Laerta and Louise's Home is the home of the young girls Laerta and Louise. It is located in the district of Northwest Baldur's Gate between the Helm and Cloak and Entar Silvershield's Estate and it faces towards the back of the inn. The front door is unlocked.

The house only has a ground floor. Laerta and Louise can be found standing in the master bedroom and once spoken to, or if you just stand there and watch them for a minute, they will proceed to wander the premises.

The barrel in the kitchen is empty. The chest of drawers in the small bedroom is locked with a DC of 30 and contains 63 gp. The armoire in the master bedroom is locked with a DC of 80 and contains a suit of Splint Mail +1 armor.


Once the Laerta and Louise quest is begun, the mage Gervisse and the druid Voltine will appear. Gervisse will be near the left corner of the formal dining table (close to the front door) and Voltine will be near the dark rug in the room with the small circular table.