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Lae'zel is an Origin Character and a possible Companion in Baldur's Gate III.


Not playing as Lae'zel[]

If you play as any other character (premade or custom), Lae'zel joins you during the Nautiloid prologue to guide you toward the helm.

After reaching the beach to start Act 1, Lae'zel will be missing. She can be found in a trap on the way to the Emerald Grove.

Playing as Lae'zel[]

If you play as Lae'zel, you will start in the usual starting location. When you reach the point where Lae'zel usually appears, a male Githyanki warrior will join you instead. He will recognize you as Lae'zel, and join you on the way to the helm. The male Githyanki will not survive the crash.


  • On the way to the Emerald Grove, you will see 2 Tieflings and Lae'zel captured.
  • You will have to pass a deception roll with the Tieflings in order for them to leave.
  • Failure to pass the roll will result in a fight.
  • Once the Tieflings are gone, free Lae'zel by attacking the bottom of the cage she's on.

Banter (SPOILERS)[]

Lae'zel and Minthara[]

Walking past the Society of Brilliance in Baldur's Gate[]

  • Minthara - "The Society of Brilliance! These preposterous fools love to meddle in Underdark affairs - they are most amusing."
  • Lae'zel - "Amusing? Wherein lies the humor?"
  • Minthara - "They seek to promote peace between species through mutual understanding. Ha."
  • Lae'zel - "Even my people know the value of a carefully crafted coalition, Minthara. Is our own alliance not a case in point?"

At the Guild in Baldur's Gate (during Jaheira's quest)[]

  • Lae'zel - "Two sides, each itching to draw blades against the other."
  • Minthara - "The sensation is contagious. Which should we oppose?"
  • Lae'zel - "Either or both, so long as I get to spill blood."

Lae'zel and Jaheira[]

Walking through the docks of Baldur's Gate[]

  • Jaheira - "ugh. I have no love for the sea, but the city would not be what it is without these ships. That lends them a kind of beauty, I suppose."
  • Lae'zel - "Indeed, there's no more impressive sight than a Githyanki spelljammer with its astral sails unfurled."
  • Jaheira - "A sweeter sight still,the world those ships might make if you plied them between the planes. Interplanar learning, trade..."
  • Lae'zel - "Trade? Why stoop to barter when you have the power to take what you need?"

Lae'zel and Shadowheart[]

Randomly during act 1[]

  • Shadowheart - "Lae'zel, how would you punish someone who wronged you?"
  • Lae'zel - "Wrong me how?"
  • Shadowheart - "Oh, say, murder. Or theft."
  • Lae'zel - "Killing is good - it culls the weak. But theft would be paid for painfully, a thousand times over."
  • Shadowheart - "Hmm. Good to know."

Randomly after the 1st encounter with the Githyanki[]

  • Lae'zel - "The traitor kith'rak takes great interest in this relic of yours, Shadowheart. Or should I say... weapon."
  • Lae'zel - "What are you hiding?"
  • Shadowheart - "Nothing. I assume your kin are just as misguided as you are."