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Lady Tandolan of Um is one of the guests who attends Lord de'Arnise's funeral in the Athkatla Graveyard district. She will make small talk with Nalia and let slip that Isaea Roenall has been bad mouthing the current company Nalia is associated with.


Oh, Lord de'Arnise did fraternize with some... colorful company, I must say. Not what I would expect from a gentleman's funeral.

Oh, Nalia, I have heard how you have been in dreadful straits since your father's death. I can only imagine the horrors you have endured.

Miss Tandolan? I'm not sure what you mean.

But my dear, the wandering like a gypsy, the company you have had to keep... Isaea has painted quite the unsavory picture.

Oh, he has, has he? He talks far too much for my comfort, Miss Tandolan. If you would excuse me?

Of course, my dear. I wish you peace.


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