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Lady Merana is a noble in Trademeet during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign, and can be found in Vyatri's Pub.

Is it important, peasant?

— Lady Merana

Lady Merana is a bit of a barfly, as evidenced by her dialog.


Merana's dialog is dependent on the gender, charisma, and accomplishments of the character speaking to her.

Animal Trouble[]

While Faldorn is still alive, any chracter with a Charisma less than 14 gets the following response:

"Begone with you, rabble. There are enough problems in this town without you ruffians adding to things, do you not agree?"

Any chracter with a charisma of 14 or higher:

"You seem like an agreeable enough sort of <MAN/WOMAN>... but with these attacks on the town, one can never be sure. I would rather we did not speak."

Feuding Families[]

Faldorn is dead, but the family feud has not yet been resolved:

Initial Greeting (any character):

"My name is Lady Merana, and I am awaiting a gentleman here. I am sure that is no business of yours, however."

Character is female:

"Oh, how do you do, miss? I understand you and your companions are some kind of heroes, yes? That is all very... interesting, I suppose."

Character is male, charisma 16 or higher:

"Hmmm... I am waiting for a particular gentleman friend, but if you are so inclined I would be more than willing to spend the evening with such a handsome man as yourself..."

Male character, charisma between 9 and 15:

"I already have company, sir, which I am waiting for. Please do not embarrass yourself by making overtures which will only certainly be rebuffed. Hmf."

A male character with a charisma lower than 9 causes Merana to leave the area after her reply:

"What cheek! How dare a disgusting ruffian like yourself make advances on a noblewoman! Oo!!"

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