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Lady Lasalla is a noblewoman who is found standing near the bar inside the Mithrest Inn. She will comment on how Count Claylan is currently fawning over the Debutante Alicia. She has one item to pickpocket and carries 10 gp.

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"Have you seen Alicia?"

1. Who is Alicia?
"Alicia is the daughter of Baroness Paalater. See how she fawns over Count Claylan?"
I don't know what you're talking about.
"Very well. Begone!"
2. I have seen her, yes.
"She's foolish to even be speaking with that shark, Claylan. He has a nose for idiot girls."
"He will tire of her company within a week and leave her heartbroken. He did the very same thing to me."
"The man is a swine! Leave me now. I need to arrange to have his wine mixed with the slop water."