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Lady Jysstev - portrait from the PPE Mod

Lady Jyssteve is a noblewoman that resides in her estate in Athkatla's Government District during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

Stand where you're at, peasant.
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Much like other nobles, she would rather not sully her own tongue by speaking to you. She is dismissive no matter what your limited dialog choices are.

"Oh, you must be the messengers come to beg the service of Sir Sarles. It's a great honor to be refused by him, so don't feel bad when you leave empty handed. Yes, yes, yes, whatever you say. Just try to move quickly when you enter or exit my home. My social club is green with envy over Sarles coming here, but your presence is an eyesore. Do what you must and then remove yourself. I've people of culture to impress, and you foul the air somewhat."

The Enlightened Ones[]

  • With Jan Jansen in your party, you may have to suffer Lady Jyssteve's disdain once again. She plays a role in finding "The Hidden" during Jan's Companion Quest. It seems the Lady is a member of a secretive group, which is inferred when she recognizes that you are not one of the "Enlightened Ones." If Jaheira is also in the party during Jan's quest, she may comment later, about what the group's influence and aims might be, after "The Hidden" reveals its true nature.

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