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A Kuo-toan Wizard will be summoned from the globe machine in Watcher's Keep Final Seal, and several more are encountered in various areas in the Underdark.


They are scripted to be primarily spell casters and won't seek to attack with melee weaponry until all spells are expended.

The wizard will initiate a set of force cast preparatory buffs to include Mirror Image and Protection From Normal Missiles.

A Remove Magic spell cast can be attempted, however, as it only a 10-caster level, this will have a limited chance of success versus likely party level spell caster experience at this stage of saga.

Offensive and disabling spells are scripted for use as denoted in the InfoBox.

The wizard cannot recognize (by script) if its target is protected against spells, such as under a Globe of Invulnerability or Spell Deflection. It will still cast spells at the target regardless.

If forced into melee, they wield a specific spear, though without being enchanted, that deals 1d6+2 piercing damage – including strength bonus – and will slow and Grease effect the target for 15 seconds if no save vs. spell is made. As a mage class, they won't be able to hit much of anything in melee without rolling a critical hit.


Kuo-toan Wizard wear an undroppable Ring that provides some additional powers and protections, as follows:

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod provides the creature with SCS AI scripts for better tactical decision making, defense and targeting behavior. If the "Smarter Mages" component is installed then the spell casting will be better in terms of self-buffing, a fully expanded spell book with different memorized spells, and responding to threats.

Upon installation of the mod, many mage creatures in the game are assigned a random specialist mage kit, so this creature could be an Invoker, Enchanter, Conjurer or Necromancer.

With this mod, the wizard won't even attempt to dispel or remove spell effects via Remove Magic, Breach and even Spell Thrust etc.

SCS may add at least one wizard to each group of kuo-toa found in the underdark depending on the game difficulty setting. The creature will also drop an SCS random treasure as well.

If the Spell Revisions Mod is installed, then this creature's memorized spells will be the SR versions.

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