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Kuo-toan Bridge is a potential encounter in the Underdark that is set up by advancing a party member and nearing a hidden proximity trigger that initiates a script that will spawn certain Kuo-toa creatures barring passage eastward across a bridge that spans a chasm.

When within sight, the Kuo-Toa Leader positioned before the bridge hails the party in his own language, and shouts:

Kith! Urdlenglas od flus dlen den! Odg! ODG!

There are dialogue options to select in reply, which in-turn leads to more shouts:

Klodg do g'ith dal shaog gossath! Geetaaah!

There are more dialogue options here, but let's face it, things are not going very well in the communication department. You must defend yourself.

The game file proximity trigger is titled HIGH LEVEL 2, and then initiates SPWNTOA.BCS, for those interested in viewing the files.


This eventually hostile Kuo-toa party has variable composition and numbers depending on the Player Character's XP and the game difficulty setting selected. On the game's most difficult setting, "Legacy of Bhaal", The enemy party has the following potential members:

Note that many of these creatures can detect invisible and hidden creatures as an innate ability - and so stealthing up to or trying to get past these bridge denizens will still trigger their dialogue and being exposed.

The Kuo Toan Monitor also initiates a True Sight innate ability as well, which may destroy party illusions present. The monitor moves at hyper accelerated speed and will rush up to the party members to attack.

Expect the Kuo-toan wizard and priest creatures to initiate their opening preparatory spell buffs which are force cast, and not usually interruptible.

The kuo-toa are actually divided into two groups. The initial one is basically on the bridge, while the second is across the bridge eastward. Depending on the party's movements and the "shouts for help" scripts - it may mean both groups will merge into one large melee. This might be a confusing and chaotic mess of a battle.

This encounter is one of those battles where the Fireball and similar AoE effects can be a winning crowd destroying tactic. These creatures are vulnerable against this type of elemental damage.


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.
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Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes changes to these creatures. SCS AI scripts are added where appropriate, and spell casters have revised spells memorized including sequencers and or instant cast triggers for kuo-toan Wizards to reflect being prepared and self-buffed. See the individual creature pages for more details. With SCS, the Hardcore and Insane difficulty settings will add a few more creatures to the group.