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Kruin is potentially encountered during Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and the Enhanced Edition during Chapter 6.

Aha! It is the wielder, the thief, and the defiler! All in one being... strange. I thought there would be three. You there! Have you no twin <BROTHERSISTER>s?


This githyanki creature will not appear if the party has already returned the Silver Blade to Simyaz during Chapter 5, and no longer possesses it after that action.

Assuming the player still has the Silver Blade (a script checks the party's inventory), when the party enters Athkatla for the first visit there in Chapter 6, a script trigger will initiate in certain areas of the city, particularly Waukeen's Promenade and the Athkatla Docks. As the party travels on foot Kruin will appear and hail the party.

Kruin will open the dialogue and a choice of reply options will present for the player to make. It seems as though the githyanki are still tracking down their holy of holies - the Silver Blade.

Kruin's odd and amusing manner of speech will lead to a back and forth. In the end, the player must decide if they will give up the blade to the gith's or refuse and keep it. They clearly really, really want to get it back. The choice is yours.

If returned, Kruin departs with some final words, and turns invisible and disappears, but no reward.

If the party refuses or threaten the gith's then Kruin triggers a manifestation of his allied group, who will appear with a teleport animation in a somewhat random grouping in the local area. All will turn hostile shortly thereafter.

Assuming the party engages in combat with the group - listed below are a summary of the group's abilities and description:

Knight Level 3 Fighter (GITH02.cre) (×2):
STR 17, DEX 16, CON 14, INT 17, WIS 13, CHA 14; AL Lawful Evil
HP 80, Final AC 2, Final THAC0 12, Saving Throws 10/12/11/12/13
1.5 Attacks Per Round, 1d10+1 Slashing Damage (Two-handed Sword)
Potion of Extra Healing (×2)

Anti-Paladin Level 11 Blackguard (GITH03.cre):
STR 18/86, DEX 16, CON 14, INT 17, WIS 13, CHA 14; AL Chaotic Evil
HP 105, Final AC 2, Final THAC0 0, Saving Throws 5/7/6/6/8
4.5 Attacks Per Round, 1d10+14 Slashing Damage Nymph's tear ICOMPO1400000Undroppable item
This icon indicates an item that cannot be dropped or stolen.
(Unholy Reaver)
Potion of Extra Healing (×2)
Absorb Health
Poison Weapon
Aura of Despair
Psionic Maze
Armor of Faith
Hold Person (priest)
Blackguard kit immunities

Gish Level 5 Mage (GITH04.cre) (×2):
STR 17, DEX 18, CON 17, INT 18, WIS 13, CHA 15; AL Neutral Evil
HP 45, Final AC 1, Final THAC0 15, Saving Throws 11/9/11/13/10
3 Attacks Per Round, 1d3 Missile Damage (Dart)
1 APR melee combat 1d10+1 Slashing Damage Special:
Potion of Extra Healing (×2), Psionic Blast
Opening Spell Buffs: Armor, Mirror Image
Scripted Spells on timed interval:
Lightning Bolt, Flame Arrow, Horror, Melf's Acid Arrow, Chromatic Orb, Charm Person, Color Spray

Warlock Level 8 Mage (GITH05.cre) (×2):
STR 15, DEX 18, CON 9, INT 18, WIS 9, CHA 9; AL Lawful Evil
HP 32, Final AC -4, Final THAC0 15, Saving Throws 13/9/11/13/10
3 Attacks Per Round, 1d3 Missile Damage (Dart)
1 APR melee combat 1d10 Slashing Damage
Psionic Blast
Opening Spell Buffs: Protection From Normal Missiles, Stoneskin
If Party Mage class seen: Spell Thrust,Remove Magic
Scripted Spells on timed interval:
Confusion (wizard), Dire Charm, Slow, Charm Person

Captain Level 10 Mage (GITH06.cre):
STR 15, DEX 18, CON 9, INT 18, WIS 9, CHA 9; AL Lawful Evil
HP 70, Final AC -4, Final THAC0 11, Saving Throws 7/9/8/8/10
1 Attack Per Round, 1d10 Slashing Damage (Two-handed Sword)
Potion of Extra Healing (×2)
Opening Spell Buffs: Stoneskin, Haste, Shadow Door

This group will engage in missile combat if they have darts equipped, and melee combat if they are wielding two-handed swords as their number one quick weapon slot. Spell casting and Psionic Ability users will buff, then spell cast at nearest detected targets. Party mage class members may be targeted by the Gish with spell removers.

All githyanki with potions of healing will attempt to use these when original HP falls to 20%.

When the group is defeated, all the corpses may be scavenged for found items, and particularly Kruin who has the Silver Hilt.

As this battle can take place in the streets of Athkatla, be careful not to harm innocent city dwellers in the battle.

This is the last encounter in regards to the Silver Sword.


Mod content[]

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes some revisions to these creatures.

The two Knight warriors are changed to level 9 Fighters (they are level 3 in the vanilla game) and provides adjusted weapon proficiencies and fighting styles commensurate with a 9th level warrior. Saving throws are adjusted as well. They get an improved SCS tactical script for smarter behavior and targeting.

The Anti-Paladin gets all the passive Blackguard kit abilities assigned that they are supposed to have. New default scripts are assigned to better make decisions when to use certain kit powers and or a different assortment of carried potions.

The two Gish creatures are now level 5/5 Fighter Mages. This improves their melee capability slightly. A revised Smarter spell casting script is provided, and a new spell book of usable spells. Some spells cast will be different than the base encounter. A potion of Invisibility is provided for use.

The two Warlock githyanki receive new smarter mage scripts and revised spell books. A specialist mage kit will be assigned (random type). Buffs and cast spells will differ based on the mod selected mage kit. Instantly launched Minor Sequencer is provided for scripted use.

The Captain is now a level 10/10 Fighter / Mage, with a new script and improved melee capabilities. Spell casting will differ from the base game, including a minor sequencer.

The Spell Revisions mod installation will substitute all the spells in the game with the SR version. SCS mod creatures will use the SR spells.

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