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The human Kretor is one of five thieves found in Mae'Var's former guildhall when it becomes your Thieves' Guild Stronghold, if Gorion's Ward is a thief. He is the leader of a group of pickpockets which specialize in making sure that the coin and other items of value in the possession of the citizens of Athkatla are none too safe.

The group mainly works the taverns and inns but will branch out to the upscale areas, such as the Government District, in order to bring back larger hauls. Kretor can also bribe the owners of the establishments he and his group work out of, as it may be beneficial if the witnesses are sympathetic to the accused, should one of his thieves end up in the hoosegow.

We ain't had time to chat yet, so I'll introduce myself nice and proper. I'm Kretor, and I don't like being run ragged, thank you very much.

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