Me axe be bloody ready!

Korgan Bloodaxe is a chaotic evil dwarf berserker and a potential companion in

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Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn & Throne of Bhaal[edit | edit source]

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

Korgan is available to recruit from Chapter 2. This dwarf can be found in the Copper Coronet inn in Slums area, like Anomen, Nalia and Clara. He joins the party to find a book which was written by the lich Kaza.

Once removed, he’ll require 500gp every time to return to the party.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • He despises Aerie for being physically weak, and will eventually belittle her to the point where she demands that the player character remove Korgan from the group or she will leave. If they're still kept together in Throne of Bhaal, Korgan will continue to diss Aerie, but this time Aerie will stand up on her own and fight back against the insult, in which Korgan reveals that he's just teasing her and trying to toughen her up by insulting her all along, thus his job is done.
  • Korgan despises Nalia for the same reason, but won't actually fight her  
  • He appears to be attracted to Mazzy Fentan, and will occasionally have banters where he hits on her 
  • Keldorn has a few interesting banters with him, involving the dichotomy of good and evil and even seems to admire Korgan's power while admonishing his dark nature and bloodthirstiness 
  • If Korgan, Jaheira and Nalia are in the same party, many quests will have special dialogue, with Jaheira making plenty of snarky comments at Korgan's direction.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

His starting proficiencies depend on Gorion's Ward's level at the time of recruitment:

Weapon Proficiencies
Character Level Proficiencies EE

As a dwarf berserker with 19 constitution, Korgan enjoys a -5 bonus to his Death, Wands and Spells saving throws, as well as a +5 bonus to his hit points every level, up to level 9.

His Enrage ability is invaluable when fighting liches as it grants him 60 seconds of immunity to Imprisonment, which liches use a lot.

He's the only dwarf companion in game, the only character who can use the Dwarven Thrower warhammer without Gorion's Ward also being a dwarf or a thief with the Use Any Item high-level class ability.

Korgan has the following items when he joins: a battle axe +1, 20 Throwing Axes, splint mail, a Helmet and a Small Shield. He starts out with 5 proficiency points in axes.

Biography[edit | edit source]

When asked about his past, KORGAN growls that unless you want to end up like the members of his last scum-sucking, traitorous party, you'd best keep your over-curious nose to yourself. Seeing as the dwarf is only slightly short of a necklace of ears in proving his enjoyment of slaughter, you decide to obey his request.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

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Margh, there be time fer this battle another day! Morale failure
Aye! This be a grand enough lot... mayhap I won't be needin' to kill ye all anytime soon! Ha ha ha! Happy
I've had better times drownin' face-first in gutter water, bleedin' from every orifice, don'tcha know... Unhappy-annoyed
Ye'd best change yer tune, fer me axe is itching fer a swing or two an' I be nae likely t' stop it! Unhappy-serious
Ye're all piles o' stinking pigs' bladders! I'll have no more o' this insipid lot! Unhappy-break
Aye, now this be more like it! The first t' disobey me orders gets an axe in their skull! Leader
When the day be done, the day be done! I wish rest, no argument! Tired
If I wished t' sit about all day, I'd do it in a proper pub with an ale in me hand! Bored
Let's see what yer guts be lookin' like! Battlecry1
'Bout time we got t' business!


Blood an' glory! Now ye DIE!


Get me some healin', ye blasted fool! Do it now! Hurt
*mumble* Bloody forests. *mumble* Bloody tree-huggers an' daisy-eaters. Burn 'em all... Forest
*mumble* An' they think t' call this "civilization"? Ha! Blasted bloody humans... City
Shoddily made. An' shoddily maintained. But good killin' grounds nevertheless. Dungeon
Arrrr! 'Tis too bright out. Where'd I put me ale? Day
Darkness... Good fer stalkin' and having yer way with a lass, eh? Night
Be quick with it! Select1
What do ye want, groundling? Select2
Me axe be bloody ready! Select3
Eh? Select4
Bark yer orders already! Select5
What gives? Select6
I best be paid well fer this! Action1
Hmph! I've killed fer less... Action2
Aye, that be soundin' right. Action3
Aye, I'll do as ye wish... fer now. Action4
An' later I'll split yer gut open. Heh heh. Action5
Aye, the dwarf'll bloody do it. Action6
Fine! Action7
It be nae the decision I'd make... Select rare1
I'll do as ye tell, but only if there be a good amount o' coins awaitin'!

Select rare2

A skullbreaker! Critical hit
Next swing. Critical miss
Blasted beggar's immune! Target immune
I'll carry no more. It be on the ground if ye want it back. Inventory full

Dialogues[edit | edit source]

Drink hail! Wassail for all! I be curious, friends. I'm scouring for a band of desperate men to aid me in a gallant task. Ye look like ye keep undertakers in a brisk trade. 'Ave ye courage and time fer a tale?
Fine then, lant-quaffers! I've put up with ye fribblin' long enough! I've work to do, and it'll not be with the likes of this girdle-waisted loom crew!
I hate Amn. I hate the heat, the squalor, the desperation. Everyone has the silver tongue here. I hate the stagnant, lant-tepid brew... Oh! Friends! Ye'd hear me tale then?
This tomb looks to be looted! The rank, stinking bastards beat us here! Those scoundrels'll dine on me sup o' cold steel afore I'm through with 'em!
Thrice over their graves I'll be dancin', I swear! Stolen from under me! I do the work of ferretin' out where the blasted book will be, and those crackgnats take it away!
Aerie? AERIE! Cease yer whinin'! I'd swear on my father's coal cart ye were one o' them fey elves with all the blasted cryin' coming from ye.
Nalia, ye're overtall, beardless, long-limbed, and lack strength. Ye disgust me.
I've an elf-knot in my neck from strainin' to admire the whole of yer beauty, Mazzy. Calf's skin suits yer form mightily, girl.
Be aware, Mazzy, I've something long, hard, and low to the ground ye're free to touch and fondle. Child, no need to glare! 'Twas me axe I was referring to... it's a joke!

Achievements[edit | edit source]

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The Book of Kaza Achievement icon BG2EE.jpg

The Book of Kaza[edit | edit source]

Track down the Book of Kaza for Korgan.

Personality[edit | edit source]

For the most part, Korgan is a crude, unpleasant, bloodthirsty brute and unbecoming of a typical dwarf. However, there are certain conversations that can reveal a slightly more thoughtful, sophisticated, and even soft side to him (some of the later conversations he can have with Mazzy, for example). His desire to kill largely overshadows this other side of him, however.

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