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Kobold Witch Doctor is the arcane caster added to groups of Kobold creatures found in various area in the game, and occasionally as part of random encounters.


If a party member is observed by the kobold group by being in visual range, the Kobold Witch Doctor will begin spell casting to target the nearest enemy. This kobold is typically the most dangerous of all kobold enemies a party will face, simply because of the spells it can attempt.

If able, the witch doctor will initially protect self with a Mirror Image. It then usually tries to target the nearest enemy with a Lightning Bolt. This bolt may cause a bouncing electrical damage issue in a confined space like the sewers.

Assuming the kobold has lived any longer (not likely), then it will go to a Flame Arrow and so on, moving through its memorized spell book as shown in the InfoBox. The creature's script has no idea what protections or immunities the party may have deployed to resist or block spells - and it will just cast the same spells anyway.

The witch doctor can try and hit an enemy with its enchanted short sword in melee combat. It most likely will need to roll a 20 to hit anything.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems alters the AI script to the "Smarter Mage" version and revises the memorized spells available to the Witch Doctor.

Upon initiation of battle the witch doctor will self-protect with a Mirror Image and Armor (spell) forcecast spells that are previously cast and uninterruptible.

The new script gets rid of the problematic potential bouncing lightning bolt attack and replaces its spell casting choices with other disabling spells such as Hold Person (wizard), Glitterdust, Ray of Enfeeblement and maybe a Chromatic Orb. Its most powerful spell is Dire Charm which can be attempted after a few rounds of combat.

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