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Kobold Shaman (sewers) and cohort of Kobolds lurk in the Sewers (Slums District).

You not know the glory of Crragtail! You stupid <PRO_RACE> of above, where sun causes rot and dryout! Down here, all is moist and soft, and good throne!


If a party member is observed by the kobold group by being in visual range, the Kobold Shaman will challenge you and some dialogue is possible. At the moment all will be neutral while dialogue occurs.

Exploring dialogue allow the party to buy the Shaman's Staff from the creature or take it by force.

If the encounter goes hostile, then the Shaman, who calls himself "Crragtail" will attempt to cast a Hold Person (priest) and Entangle at in range enemies. If the shaman is wounded to a certain damage threshold it will attempt to self-heal with Cure Light Wounds (spell).

In the BG2EE game, the Shaman may wear the Circlet of Lost Souls and is obtainable as loot if the creature is defeated. Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Importing rules apply.

The Shaman's Staff is part of the Solve the Riddle of the Sewers questline.

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