Baldur's Gate Wiki

This area is still part of Spellhold although it's exact location is a mystery.


This oddly constructed chamber will be a location that the party transitions to from Level 3 of Bodhi's Hunt. Initially the party appears on some steps and will be attacked by three Kobold Commando and three Goblin Commando archers. Both normal and Flame Arrow missiles will be launched at the party.

Some of these creatures are located on top of huge circular columns and are not reachable by melee attacks.

When all of the creatures are defeated, the first appearance of the Apparition occurs. The creature teleports onto the steps and addresses the party.

The Apparition opens with:

"Here begins the tests of madness, of sanity and clarity. Presented with nonsense, how will you proceed?"

The party can ask a question about this and the Apparition replies:

"The procedures laid down proceed regardless of time or circumstance. Such is the nature of this place. Protests are futile. This area works on its own, allowing the directors to watch in safety. You are here, and there is no other way out. Comply or die. You are sane enough to understand that."

The Apparition then asks:

"Now, when madness beckoned, how did you answer? Now comes the judgment, when we decide your fitness for life outside."

The party can now select a desired dialogue reply. The first two responses are the compliant and calm answer that are considered suitable. He replies to the answer with:

"Very good. Restraint is a good sign. Perhaps you are closer to release than I thought. We shall see."
Note:With this compliant response, the Apparition transports the party to the Spore Room.

On the other hand, if the party answers with either of the following two replies, such as:

"I refuse! This is pointless! Your purpose has long since expired!" or threaten with "I will battle you to the last!"

Then the Apparition will say:

"Unfortunate that you insist on being difficult. There is no recourse. I am quite beyond your threats, and if you refuse the tasks, you will languish here. I will arrange suitable punishment for your outburst. You will find that such obstinance is painful and that your path becomes more difficult."
Note:With an obstinate or threatening response the party is transported to the Myconid Room


There are three non-typical containers in this chamber that look like huge grey-colored rectangular blocks of stone. One contains poor random treasure and the other two contain average random treasure. Be aware to loot these before killing all the enemies, else the Apparition will whisk the party away for the next test.

Note: It is not possible to loot the enemy corpse's located on top of each of the columns to the left and right of the stairs. It is possible to loot the corpses on the other two columns.