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A Knight of the Order is a Lawful Good Fighter, male or female, who has joined and dedicated their service to the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

May the Gods look upon you kindly.

These knights can be found just outside the Order in the Temple District of Athkatla, as well as inside the Order's Headquarters.


  • Male and Female Knights are virtually identical, differing only by equipment, and therefore by damage per hit and armor class. Males use a Halberd and do not have a Shield; Females use a Bastard Sword and a Large Shield.
  • Two more Knights of the Order (PlShKn01.cre and PlShKn02.cre) exist, but these are 10th level Paladins, not 12th level Fighters, both Male, carrying Plate Mail and 67gp (no Random Treasure) and worth 1,400 XP each; the first welding a Spear, the latter a Halberd.
  • Another Knight of the Order (ChGood06.cre) exists in the game files, but should not be confused with those in the Temple District. This one wears the Armor of the Hart, Helm of the Noble, Shield of Harmony, Edventar's Gift and wields Purifier.