Knave's Robes are magical enchanted robes which protect against death and slashing attacks and, like all other robes, can only be worn by mages.


The Black PitsEdit

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A favorite among thief-mages, the Knave's Robe has been enchanted to shield its wearer from the blades and poisons of any darkened alley. As with others of its type, however, its use is restricted to students of the arcane.

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  • There are two versions of this robe in the game, with the second one, CLCK18.ITM, having some different stats: though it lacks the armor class and saving throw bonus of the regular item, its value is set to 1,550Gold Piece IMISC0700000 Item icon BG1; however, the second robe is difficult to obtain, only carried by Gorion (not dropped in an unmodded game) and Daer'Ragh.