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Oh, my soul aches for my lost Deheriana.

Kivan is a chaotic good elf ranger and a potential companion in Baldur's Gate GTRBPSK Icon BG1Baldur's Gate (1998)
This icon indicates content from the original Baldur's Gate campaign.
Tales of the Sword Coast IconBaldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast (1999)
This icon indicates content from the original Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast campaign.
Baldur's Gate LOGOBG00001 Icon SoDBaldur's Gate:
Enhanced Edition
This icon indicates content from the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition campaign.

Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast[]


Kivan is available from Chapter One. He can be found in the High Hedge area at coordinates 3650, 1450. As befits a ranger, he blends in well with the forest environment. You can quite easily walk right past him on the path in that area without noticing him being there.



  • There is a strong mutual respect between Kivan and Ajantis, as the two highly approve of each other's honor and courage.
  • Kivan does not get along well with Alora, as he finds her annoying and thinks she talks too much. Alora doesn't like him much either, because she thinks he's a huge grump.
  • Kivan and Branwen both think very highly of each other, especially when it comes to their prowess as warriors.
  • Garrick seems to look up to Kivan, and sees him as a very honorable person.
  • Jaheira approves of Kivan.
  • Kivan and Khalid get along very well. Kivan sees that Khalid is a lot braver than he may seem at first, and respects him for it.
  • Kivan approves of Minsc's bravery and readiness to charge into battle.
  • Kivan dislikes Quayle for the same reasons he dislikes Alora - namely, Quayle never shuts up, despite not having anything worthwhile to say.
  • Safana finds Kivan attractive and will flirt with him if the two are in the same party. Surprisingly, Kivan doesn't do anything to shut her down.
  • Kivan and Tiax butt heads a lot. As seen before with Alora and Quayle, Kivan doesn't get along well with people who blather on a lot. Even worse, Tiax will belittle Kivan's quest for revenge and call it petty. Kivan, predictably, reacts poorly, to say the least.
  • Viconia DeVir and Kivan have some serious conflicts. Interestingly enough, the ire comes almost entirely from Kivan's side. Viconia actually attempts to be friendly with Kivan and suggests they set aside their differences, and only acts negatively towards him after he's antagonized her first. Should Viconia die, Kivan will express the hope that her soul will rot in Hell. If the two are in the same party for long enough, there is a good chance Kivan will attack Viconia.
  • Xan seems to respect Kivan, but Kivan never expresses any similar sentiment towards Xan.
  • Yeslick seems to be concerned regarding Kivan's general vengeful outlook, and will advise him that there are some problems that can't be solved with violence.
  • Xzar will annoy Kivan, for being character who talks too much. Xzar will conclude he is not appreciated enough.


Kivan is a good archer, not as good as Coran, but better than Khalid (*). His high strength score lets him equip composite longbows by default, it can also be put into good use by making him a melee candidate as the damage output of most range weapons don't scale with strength except slings, throwing daggers or axes.

(*) Khalid is a superior archer if you cast strength on him to equip a composite longbow, specially the composite longbow +1 from Beregost. As a fighter he levels up faster and his extra pips in longbow will make him shoot faster and hit harder, with no silly timers.

He starts with Stealth at 41, the special ability Charm Animal (x1), his racial enemy is ogre.

  • InBGEElogoglowlogoonlyBaldur's Gate I & II: Enhanced Editions
    This icon indicates content from all Enhanced Editions of the Baldur's Gate games. May situationally encompass Siege of Dragonspear and The Black Pits I & II content as well.
    , companions who have fewer XP than protagonist at the time of their first joining will be given a certain amount of experience points (XP) for you to manually level them up to gain more control of their status.
Starting levels in original Baldur's Gate
Average party level Level XP Gold Hit Points Weapon Proficiencies Equipment
1.00 - 2.99 2 2262 3 16 (Max possible: 20)
  • Halberd ++
  • Longbow ++
3.00 - 4.99 4 9012 11 27 (Max possible: 40)
  • Long Sword +
  • Halberd ++
  • Longbow ++
5.00+ 6 36120 24 36 (Max possible: 60)
  • Long Sword ++
  • Halberd ++
  • Longbow ++


When asked about his past, KIVAN reveals that he hails from the forest of Shilmista, though he has not visited his homeland for quite some time. He has instead been traveling the world driven by the darkest of obsessions: revenge.
Kivan and his mate Deheriana were apparently on a romantic sojourn years ago when they were waylaid by a group of brigands. They were captured and tortured for the amusement of Tazok, the half-ogre that led the attack. Kivan eventually escaped, but Deheriana did not survive the encounter.
Kivan is a man of few words, and obviously does not make friends easily. Likely he will not take much pleasure from life until he has revenged the death of his love.


Hail! It is not often that I come across strangers in this part of the world. Initial meeting
Retreat, you fools! We have no hope to win. Morale failure
That was a noble deed. Happy
I don't agree with our party's course of action. Unhappy-annoyed
I won't stand for such behavior again. Unhappy-serious
I cannot allow this to go on. Defend yourselves! Unhappy-break
I will lead for as long as I am needed. Leader
*yawn* It is time for us to rest. Tired
Oh please, we have tarried long enough. Bored
I don't know how much longer I can go on. Hurt
The city is an example of man's excesses. I wish we would be gone from this miserable place. City
Why must we emulate the ways of the dwarven folk by crawling about these warrens? Dungeon
Yes? Select1
What do you want? Select2
Don't bother me. Select3
As you wish. Action2
Aye. Action3
There is a time for talk. This is not such a time. Action4
Oh, my soul aches for my lost Deheriana. Action5
We must not waste time on idle chatter. Action6
My need for revenge gives me strength to go on. Action7
Stay away from me, dark elf. Interaction1
How are we to trust one who venerates the Spider Queen?


Your evil ways will bring your ruin, dark elf.


Don't make me warn you again, drow. Your next slip will be your last.


You dark-hearted bitch! You'll die for that!


Shut up! Your chattering might drive us all insane. Insult1
You are a valuable companion. Compliment1
Your courage shames the others. Compliment2
One more friend to mourn. To death-general
May Viconia's soul rot in Hell. To death-specific
Your candor is appreciated. To compliment1
Watch what you say. To insult1
Shut your mouth!

To insult2


  • There are character files for Kivan in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and he even has a character portrait (something the BG1 cameos lack), both indicating he may have been meant to be playable. [confirmation required]


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