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Khellor Ahmnson, Amnian Soldier, comes forward with a way to get to Roenall - PPE Mod portrait

Khellor Ahmson is a soldier in the Amnian military who will approach the party following the arrest of Nalia by Isaea Roenall during the events of the companion quest Nalia abducted by Isaea Roenall. He will speak of Isaea's corruption and abuse of his position within the military. He will then mention a man named Barg, an individual whom the party should converse with, and Isaea's estate, a place the party should search for potential incriminating evidence.

All evidence gathered by the party should be brought to Isaea's commander, Corgeig Axehand. Following the dialogue he will leave and disappear.


"Please, sire, I have words you must hear that are for you alone." (if Gorion's Ward is male)

"Please, ma'am, I have something I wish to say, and none must overhear." (if Gorion's Ward is female)

"I saw what happened, and I share your helplessness. Any complaints about Officer Roenall must first go THROUGH him, so you can imagine how many get through."

1- Yes, yes, you have expressed your sympathy. Now what is it you actually want?
"This did not come from me, for if my indiscretion against Isaea were to get out, I should be thrown from the military. There is one way you can get to him."
2- Thanks for the happy thought. I feel much better now. Leave me alone, fool.
"I hold you no grudge for your manner. Isaea is good at provoking empty rage in those with no path to vent. But I know a way to get back at him."
3- Have you something that can help? I am not in the mood for conversation.
"Of course, I shall be brief. You may feel better afterwards though... I know a way to get back at Isaea, one that will hurt him deeply."
"Isaea is quite corrupt and more than willing to exercise his power. You are not monitored as we, so you can do something that I or another guard cannot."
"Look to the docks and a man named Barg. Examine him and what he does, and you are sure to see what I mean."
"You might also wish to pry into his personal records. They may reveal something of his fondness for gems."
"I did not tell you this... and I certainly did not say his records are in his home northwest of the main government building in the Government District."
"Should anyone ask, I also wasn't the one who arranged to have the door to Isaea's estate unbarred."
"I cannot tell you more. They will question me if we are seen together. Remember—Isaea values his name over all else. Sully that and his life is in your hands."
"I must go. Think on what I've said, and bring anything you learn to Corgeig Axehand in the Government District main building. He is Isaea's commander."