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Welcom to the newly relocated Arcana Archives. Lazarus Librarus at your service!

— Lazarus Librarus

Kerrick's Smithy and Arcana Archives is dual purpose place of business in the village. Like some other adobe constructed buildings in Amkethran, you actually enter this place by climbing down a ladder from its roof top. Make sure you aren't wearing a kilt as you visit the shop. One half of the floor plan seems to belong to Lazarus Librarus, the mage you had dealings with during the siege of Saradush, and the other is a gnome named "Kerrick", who is operating some sort of tinkering lab with a smithy mixed-in.

Arcana Archives[]

If you address Lazarus, he'll say "Can I interest you in my wares? I've got a collection of scrolls most mages would die for!"

The stock available from Lazarus's store is essentially the same as listed in Arcana Archives, apart from a small quantity used up in lazarus's escape from the besieged city. Also, his current stocks will reflect items missing that were already purchased by the party in Saradush (so there will not be another Golden Ioun Stone if you have it already, for example).

Kerrick the Smith[]

Speak with Kerrick, and the gnome says "Why... hello there. Hmm, it's not often I get people barging into my shop. It's the reason I chose such a remote locale for my research, after all". You many now inquire about his smithing, research and purpose, but Kerrick isn't very forthcoming. At some point you may ask him if he could make you some armor or weapons. He says he could with the appropriate materials. You may ask him "Do I have the appropriate material you need?" and the gnome responds "Well, let me see your belongings. It'll just be a quick look..." If you have any of the Bronze Pantalettes, Silver Pantaloons, or Golden Pantaloons, then he will commend you on your taste. If you have all three then you can commission an unusual set of armor, very unusual indeed and potentially very powerful. This armor is the culmination of Bioware's "Easter Egg" Suprise for the game.


There are two containers in the building. Caution is advised if you are planning to rifle through their goods while in their midst.

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