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We shall strike a blow deep into evil's heart! There is no more worthy a cause.

Keldorn Firecam is a lawful good human inquisitor and a potential companion in BGIIlogoonlyBaldur's Gate II
Classic & Enhanced

This icon indicates content from all games of the 2nd Baldur's Gate instalment – all editions and expansions. This may include The Black Pits II.


Keldorn has been serving the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart for a long time and he has an estate in the Athkatla Government District, he's also the mentor of Ajantis Ilvastarr.

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn & Throne of Bhaal[]


Keldorn is available to recruit from Chapter 2. You'll encounter him during the side quest Find and Destroy the Cult of the Unseeing, where he is fighting a random undead creature (actually the zombie won't fight back, so Keldorn is the sure victor) in the sewers underneath Athkatla Temple District. If the player mentions that he is trying to destroy this cult, he will join.

When he is recruited in Throne of Bhaal TITLE00001 Logo BG2EEThrone of Bhaal
Classic & Enhanced

This icon indicates content from the Throne of Bhaal campaign of both the original and the enhanced editions.
and he wasn't a member of the party at the end in Shadows of Amn TITLE00000 Logo BG2EEShadows of Amn
Classic & Enhanced

This icon indicates content from the Shadows of Amn campaign of both the original and the enhanced editions.
, his equipment is reset to default so any items other than his family sword and armor are gone.

In the Enhanced Edition he always starts at level 8 with Specialization in Crossbows, Long Swords and Two-Handed Swords.


  • Keldorn Wishes to Visit His Wife and Family (There are timers in various stages of his quest. And if you allow him to retire after helping him with his family affairs, he can't be recruited again until the chapters of Throne of Bhaal TITLE00001 Logo BG2EEThrone of Bhaal
    Classic & Enhanced

    This icon indicates content from the Throne of Bhaal campaign of both the original and the enhanced editions.
    . In BGII EE, if you allow him to retire after helping him with his family affairs, he can be recruited after one day at his family estate in the Government district. If dismissed once more, he can be found at the High Hall of The Radiant Heart.)


  • Viconia - Conflicts
  • Anomen - Conflicts if Anomen fails his test
  • Dorn - Conflicts (however, starting Dorn's second companion quest will allow him to be in a party with Dorn.)
  • The real Hexxat, not the fake Hexxat, Clara - Conflicts, they can't be in the same party


Unless the player character is a paladin of good alignment or able to Use Any Item, Keldorn will be the only one who can wield The Holy Avenger. He gains many benefits as an inquisitor, such as immunity to hold and charm, and notably his dispel ability, which doubles his level factor for a greatly increased success rate, combined with True Sight, he is extremely powerful in mage battles.

Keldorn comes with Firecam Full-Plate Armor which grants the Free Action effect, and Hallowed Redeemer, a personal weapon that deals 5 magical damage to any who land a hit on him. The damage seems minor, but it's able to bypass most defenses thus can be useful against tough enemies with high resistances, such as Demogorgon. In recent versions of Enhanced Edition, striking a caster protected by Fire Shield with Hallowed Redeemer will cause an infinite loop of retaliation damage between the striker and struck until either are dead. Granting Keldorn 100% or greater resistance to Fire/Cold allows him to slay casters protected by Fire Shield in one swing, unless they too have 100% resistance.

You may want to give him Gauntlets of Dexterity to boost his armor class, or utilize his two-handed weapon reach to let him attack from behind a tanker, saving the gauntlets for another member in need.


When asked about his past, KELDORN sighs and is forced to think for a moment before counting the number of years he has been a paladin of Torm in the service of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart. He has battled to protect the defenseless and punish the evil on more occasions than he can recall. A seasoned veteran with the scars to prove it, Keldorn speaks wistfully of retirement in the future and the opportunity to spend more time with his family. Upon their mention, however, Keldorn's attention wanders and grows grim. Duty is more important than personal considerations, he whispers harshly, so long as the Order has need of him.


Main article: Keldorn Firecam/Quotes
I must fall back and regroup! Morale failure
I approve heartily of the path that has been taken so far. The good has been upheld. Happy
You must weigh your actions carefully, my friend. The path to evil is far shorter than you might think. Unhappy-annoyed
I will countenance no further breach of virtue! I will not stand idly and watch as travesty unfolds! Unhappy-serious
I have seen enough! Your soul is forfeit, and I can overlook this no more! Unhappy-break
I shall do everything in my power to keep this group safe and on the path of right. Leader
The spirit is willing, my friend... ah... but this old and battered body demands rest. Tired
I am not one to complain, but surely I can be of some greater use here? Bored
Good is on our side this day! Battlecry1
By Torm, I shall strike you down!


For right and honor!


The pain nearly o'erwhelms me! If you have aid to offer, I would gladly partake of it! Hurt
A pleasant enough setting... although I have had little time in my life to pay proper homage to beauty. Forest
Where men gather, a bustle of chaos ensues. I would save them all if I could. City
Keep a wary eye about... one never knows the form that danger can take in a place such as this. Dungeon
Evil appears deceptively insignificant in the daylight. Day
Torm the True, the Brave, fill your servant with courage enough to banish darkness and see evil wherever it may lie. Night
I stand ready. Select1
You have a plan? Select2
I am yours to direct, my friend. Select3
Duty calls, I see. Select4
Yes? Select5
I await your order. Select6
Aye, as you wish. Action1
So be it. Action2
I pledge my service, and my life if need be. Action3
For the good. Action4
In Torm's name, I shall serve. Action5
I expected as much. Action6
I shall do my utmost. Action7
I have buried many fallen comrades... Let us endeavor to remain hale this day. Select rare1
We shall strike a blow deep into evil's heart! There is no more worthy a cause.

Select rare2

Torm take you! Critical hit
You will fall yet. Critical miss
Not even a scratch! Target immune
I can carry no more. I must drop what you gave upon the ground. Inventory full
The spell is lost. Spell disrupted


Halt and go no further, laymen! There be a grave evil here, the source of which I have yet to find. Please, forgive the harshness of my tone, but state your business in this place.
Oh, to taste the airs of home... It has been a long time since I have passed this way.
Ah, here at long last is... my estate. The servants have tended to it well this past while.
Ah, my sweet Vesper. How is your schoolwork coming? The priests are still kind to you for my sake?
Curse the dictates of honor! ...Oh, the very gods demand that I bring this case before the courts. Sir William shall be hung and the love of my entire life imprisoned. There is no other outcome.
Oh, my friends, I warned you that this strange viper's soul is now guarded by my honor. In attacking him, you have attacked me, and I fear I have no choice but to defend.
Nay, my love. We both yet live, and perhaps each of us more fully than before.
So it has come to this. I have heard the cries raised up against the Bhaalspawn across the land, and I thought of you. I am pleased to see you unharmed. Have you a need, then, for an old paladin?
To become a power that would walk the planes at will... I cannot imagine facing such a choice myself, <CHARNAME>, and I do not envy you the task.
Were the choice my own, however... I would not leave behind my beloved Maria and both my children forever; I could not endure it. And the thought of dealing with the evil taint as you do... No, it would not be for me.


His long service has made him an experienced, wise character and he may act as a father figure. He has guided many knights-to-be, including Ajantis Ilvastarr and he is currently guiding Anomen Delryn.

In general, he can get along with good aligned and neutral aligned characters, with the exception for Nalia de'Arnise. At the start, his relations with Anomen are strained, but if he manages to get knighted, he and Keldorn get more cordial. His relations with evil aligned characters are rather hostile, he may even come to blows with some of them.


Roughly a hundred years later, Keldorn's memory is still referenced in Baldur's Gate III by a depiction of a mailed fist that the cult of The Absolute keeps near Minsc.[1]

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Keldorn can be romanced with Berelinde's Keldorn Romance mod.

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