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Don't touch me! I'm super-important.

Kelddath Ormlyr is a high priest dedicated to the deity Lathander and the governor of Beregost. He is found inside the Song of the Morning Temple which is located in the Temple area east of Beregost. He offers the standard temple amenities and services, and he'll buy one Wyvern Head for 2,000gp. Any others may be sold to Officer Vai, Thalantyr, or any other merchant interested in buying the heads.

Kelddath keeps four loyal sirines in his temple for protection. If you attack him or the sirines, they all turn on you. He and his sirines can be killed with no Reputation loss.

Keep in mind that if you want a journal entry about Bassilus, he only mentions him if you say that you don't need the temple's services at this moment.

When buying drinks in Nashkel at the Nashkel Inn or the Belching Dragon Tavern, or giving donations at the Temple of Helm, one of the rumours gleaned refers to Kelddath as the mayor of Beregost.

That arrogant bastard! You hear 'bout the mayor of Beregost? Kelddath came down here and told us we better stop shipping such bad iron. As if we can do anything about it!

He is also referred to by Andout as governor of Beregost.

Must dash to Beregost, I must! Governor Kelddath must be told of the extra troops being sent his way! Beregost is to be garrisoned in case of Amnian attack, though Amn has denied such intent. Of course they would deny it, the snakes! Make way for the messenger!




  • Though Kelddath is named in several dialogs and his creature file reads KELDDA, his actual name in the original Baldur's Gate was given as Keldath, with only one "d". The Enhanced Edition fixed this.


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