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The Keeper of the Portal waits outside the front gates of Candlekeep, at the end of the Candlekeep Coastway. It is his responsibility to stop unwanted persons from entering the Citadel.

He demands payment of a valuable tome or book to gain entry. This book is obtained in Chapter Five from Duke Eltan in Baldur's Gate.

He takes no damage from physical attacks and is magic resistant. It is possible to defeat him using critical hits with poison damage; however, doing so will incur a reputation penalty and will not enable forced entry into Candlekeep (as the gate which he guards will remain closed).


"Hold, travelers! Before you will be allowed entrance, you must donate a tome of great value to our libraries."

1-We don't have a book, but I used to live here.
I am sorry, friend. I know that you are the child of Gorion and have dwelt here all your life, but I cannot exempt anyone from the sanctions of the most high Ulraunt.