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The Keep Messenger is a runner of messages for the de'Arnise Keep if you have taken on the keep as your stronghold.


He will appear three different times to notify Gorion's Ward that there is trouble brewing back at the keep. Each time he gives you a message, you'll have a week to get back to the keep to rectify the situation.


First appearance:
"My <LADY/LORD>! My <LADY/LORD>! I've found you, I have! You... you've got to come quickly! The majordomo has sent for you to come!"

"He says that Lord Roenall... Lord Roenall himself!... is waiting to see you! Just come quickly, my <LADY/LORD>!"

Second appearance:
"My <LADY/LORD>! *pant* It is a good *pant* thing that I have found you once again...!"

"There has been a terrible flood on your—*pant*—on your land! There's so much devastation! The majordomo asks that you come to the keep *pant*... as quickly as possible!"
"I've got to run back now and *pant* tell him I've found you! Please come quickly!"

Third appearance:
"My <LADY/LORD>! The... the worst has happened! The majordomo has sent me to find you... and I have!"

"He says that Captain Cernick has sighted the Roenall forces mobilizing! They... they're coming, my <LADY/LORD>, they're coming! They're going to wage war on us!"
"You've got to come to the keep as quickly as you can! The majordomo says you must hurry! Hurry!"


It is not that uncommon for a fast-moving party traveling in an outdoor area (with boots of speed, or under haste effect) to outdistance this spawned messenger, so that the dialogue ends up being undelivered. The player may never even notice that the messenger is on the current map and is attempting to move toward the party and pass on a message. Sometimes the party exits the area before the messenger can fulfill its role.

If the player believes that this may have occurred, as a long time has passed and the stronghold quests aren't progressing - then consider first to speak with Major Domo, and if that doesn't move things along, try spawning the keep messenger using the Console. Creating the creature adjacent to the party and speaking with him can reset the quest line.


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