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Karlat is a dwarven assassin in Baldur's Gate. He's waiting for Gorion's Ward and party just behind the front door of Beregost's Red Sheaf inn – to kill them.

Bounty notice[]

As other assassins that are hunting Gorion's Ward, he carries a bounty notice with him.


You're at the end of your rope, I'll wager. Not that it's anything personal, you understand, but I'm afraid your time on this here ball of mud is just about done.

1-Why are you doing this? I've done nothing to you.
You've done nothing to anyone, far as I know. Don't matter one whit to me. A price is a price and a head is a head, and whenever the two meet, there's old Karlat makin' his living. Like I said, it's nothing personal.
2-Whatever you're being paid, I'll double it.
Will you, now? Somehow I doubt it, but then I don't meet a lot of honest people in this business. Never have the money on them, and never come back if they say they're going to go get it. It doesn't matter though. I'd never take your panic money over a proven contract. It's just not sound business.
3-I hope you've the will to back up those words.
Aye, that I do. The will AND the way. Shall we get to business then?


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    In the original Baldur's Gate, Karlat has no alignment given to him.