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Karajah's Life and Death (Karajah's Life and Death +3 in-game) is an enchanted leather armor +3. Compared to Leather Armor, this has armor class of 5, which reduces the base AC by three, and has weight of 4 lbs making it eleven pounds lighter in weight.

In Baldur's Gate, this is the best and lightest leather armor available, but Studded Leather Armor +2 and Shadow Armor provide better protection to characters which can only wear leather armor as body armor.


In Baldur's Gate, Karajah's Life and Death can be found in Durlag's Tower on the fourth labyrinth level in a trapped and locked chest located in the rune carpet room.

In Baldur's Gate II, this armor is for sale at the Adventurer's Mart.


Baldur's Gate[]

Karajah was Calimshan's undisputed champion of pit fighting for a decade. Wearing only a thin leather armor and spiked gauntlets, he would pummel his foes to the ground, seemingly impervious to their blows. Eventually it was revealed that his armor was heavily enchanted, at which point angry spectators threw him into the pit with a club-wielding ogre. The beast managed to break all of Karajah's bones while the armor remained as good as new...

Baldur's Gate II[]

Karajah was Calimshan's champion of pit fighting for a full decade, and seemingly unbeatable. His success, or so he claimed, was due to the mobility that his light armor afforded him. He may well have been unaware of the suit's other qualities, but his peers ignored his claims of ignorance when enchantments were discovered. The armor survived the subsequent beating, whereas Karajah did not.


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