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Kamuzu is a hapless fellow who's been languishing in Mae'Var's guildhall basement jail, enduring torture for the past ten years, all for a perceived look of contempt that Kamuzu supposedly cast in Mae'Var's direction.

I have nothing of value. Please, let me be.

During the side quest Find Proof of Mae'Var's Treachery, when access to the guildhall is obtained, it is possible to have a short dialogue with him while he's imprisoned. Mae'Var will not like it, but he won't become hostile, just slightly agitated.

When Mae'Var has been killed, Kamuzu will elate in joy at the death of the tyrant. If Gorion's Ward exhibits compassion towards the man and releases him from his confinement, Kamuzu will repay the favor later on by giving the Ward a warning about the shadow thief Ama, if you have taken on the guildhall as your stronghold.

Mod content[]

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