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Kalessia is a representative of the Iron Throne sent from Sembia to Baldur's Gate to find out why the local branch of the trading coster has flamed out. She can be found on the third floor of the Iron Throne Headquarters. She will approach the party upon sight and initiate dialogue. Afterwards she will leave and disappear.


"You there! Stand your ground a moment! I demand to know what is going on here! I have been sent from Sembia to determine why this branch of the Iron Throne has foundered, and I have found no one who will stand still more than a second! What in blazes is going on here?"

Why not ask Sarevok? He seems to be the one in control now.

"Sarevok? That upstart? Then the rumors I have heard are true. Our regional leaders here are dead and Sarevok has assumed their roles. Such arrogance! No doubt he had a hand in their demise, I'll wager! That would explain why we have not been getting reports on progress here on the coast, but what could he be up to? I shall have to report these findings to my superiors at once. What is your name and rank here? I shall report of you as well."

Um, actually I am the person accused of killing the Iron Throne leaders.

"Are you now? From what I have heard, Sarevok may have had a far more active role in that killing than any outsider. So what have you come here to do? Destroy us all to restore your name? It would seem that we now have a mutual enemy of sorts. I think my superiors would not be ungrateful if you were to remove Sarevok from this organization. I would almost call this outpost of the Iron Throne a complete loss, though with Sarevok gone, perhaps it could be built anew."

Perhaps it could, though I doubt people will trust you.

"People trust whom they wish to trust, whether there is reason or not. I would imagine that is why Sarevok has flourished. Plays on people's fears masterfully. If he were not so destructive, he would have been a great asset. What IS he up to? No matter. I will report of all of this, and we will wash our hands of the whole problem. Good day, and goodbye."

After the dialogue ends, the following Journal entry will be made in the quest section under the title Rise of Sarevok":

I have met Kalessia, an emissary supposedly from a far-off headquarters of the Iron Throne. She seemed surprised that Sarevok had taken control of this regional base. He is thought of as an upstart who does not have the interests of the Iron Throne at heart.

— Journal entry