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Kail is a Fighter cohort of Galvarey inside Galvarey Estate at the Athkatla Docks during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign. She is only found during a Companion Quest when Jaheira is Summoned to the Harper Hold.

When Gorion's Ward and Jaheira first encounters Kail she is waiting, along with Galvarey and three more cohorts, Bessen, Iko and Nadinal, just inside of the front door of Galvarey's Estate. She has no dialog; Galvarey does all the talking.


When combat inevitably starts, Kail's first action is to close and engage in melee combat with her Katana +1.

In BG2EE, some modifications are made to Kail. The fighter is now a Chaotic Evil Kensai, and has numerous memorized innate spells including Detect Evil (×10), Kai (×2), Lay on Hands (paladin), and Protection From Evil (effect) (×6). New AI scripts were provided, as well as a Kensai specific one. Game developers still didn't provide any weapon proficiencies.

Mod content[]

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod returns all the missing weapon proficiencies and Kensai kit bonuses commensurate with Kail's experience level. She now has grandmastery in Katana, and two pips in single-weapon style. Her Kensai bonuses give her +2 Armor Class bonus, +3 damage bonus, +3 THAC0 bonus and +2 weapon speed factor bonus. SCS provides a new default script for a 'smarter' response from the creature in combat.

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