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"Kachiko" is a thief that is supposed to appear with Arkanis Gath and two other thieves during Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and the Enhanced Edition during chapter 6.

The game files have two creature codes present for this thief's involvement, as shown in the InfoBox.

Aran Linvail if asked for assistance with destroying Bodhi in chapter 6 actually makes reference to providing help. He states:

"Very well, you are a member of the Shadow Thieves, and I would not ask such a dangerous mission without offering some assistance... not this time, at any rate. I will have Arkanis and Yachiko and others, our best assassins, join you when you enter Bodhi's catacombs. I want to be sure Bodhi is forever out of my hair. Go to the catacombs when you're ready, then. Your assassins will meet you there. And, incidentally... good luck."

Notice that there is no "Kachiko" mentioned in the dialogue above, but a "Yachiko" instead.


In the end, the Kachiko creature doesn't appear anywhere in the game, and neither does a Yachiko. Neither of these creatures are included in the scripts to appear with Arkanis Gath in the Lower Tombs/Catacombs.

There is a mention of a Kachiko in the description Kachiko's Wakizashi. It looks like the developers lost track of this element or decided to do away with the creature entirely.

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Instead of Kachiko, Arkanis Gath is accompanied by Gofus and Yeanasha in the lower tombs in Chapter 6.