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The Juggernaut Golem Manual is manufactured from the Stone Golem Manual and restored by Cespenar in the Pocket Plane (area) during Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal portion of the game.


With the final page of the manual restored, the full scope of the enchantments within the Manual of Golems can be unleashed. The user must have a minimum Intelligence of 16 to understand the contents of the tome.

Summon Juggernaut once per day
This spell causes an iron golem to appear at the caster's side for 1 turn. The golem serves two purposes: First, it will attack any enemies it can see. Second, the golem acts as a magical shield for the wizard, absorbing all melee damage inflicted on the caster for up to 5 blows. If the caster is struck 5 times, the golem is dispelled.


To restore and improve the Stone Golem Manual, the party must speak with the Imp Cespenar and have the Juggernaut Golem Page in their possession, and 5,000 gold.

Once per rest cycle this manual may be read. The tome is placed in a character's "Quick item" slot (such as where a wand or scroll is placed), and then the player selects the manual and triggers the power of the item.

Next, place a targeting cursor within 30 feet of the character to designate where the golem will appear on the map.

A summoning animation plays at that location, and a few moments later a golem appears, in the prone position, and then it stands, ready to obey commands.

The golem lasts for one turn, and when time expires, disappears from the map.

Additionally, when the tome's power is unleashed, the user of the manual has a color glow and spell animation played over the sprite, and a unique Stoneskin effect is applied.

The book user is protected with five golem stoneskins. Note that if the user already has a regular stoneskin spell active, this new application will be placed alongside the previous application (it uses a different Opcode). Any blows against the character must burn through all the stoneskin layers from both spells before it reaches zero skins and triggers the death of the golem.

This dynamic is the only instance in the game where a party member can be protected with multiple stoneskin applications. Use this to advantage!

This version of stoneskin can't be dispelled and is immune to a Breach.

The golem stoneskins have a duration of 1 turn.

If and when the character's golem stoneskins are reduced to zero, the Juggernaut golem is scripted to destroy itself. When the golem is destroyed, it's body remains on the map like any corpse.

The manual recharges and can be used again, after a standard 8-hour rest period.

The Juggernaut golem uses the Iron Golem animation sprite.

Juggernaut Golem Description[]

See the Juggernaut Golem (Manual) page for stats and description of the summoned creature from this manual.

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