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Joster is the quotamaster whom Renal Bloodscalp has assigned to the Thieves' Guild Stronghold, if Gorion's Ward is a thief and has accepted the guildhall has a stronghold. He will appear every five days to collect his due for the Shadow Thieves guild. Failure to pay him his dues could result in a loss of the guildhall as your stronghold.

Joster is somewhat lenient in that if you don't' have the coin he requests, he'll give you a bit of a reprieve to come up with the required amount.

Hail, <Gorion's Ward>! It is time! Renal awaits your tribute!

— Quotamaster

Time? Time for what? What are you doing here?

— Gorion's Ward

Haha! You are of course joking with me. You know full well that your guild quota must be paid to Renal lest he take your charter from you.

— Quotamaster

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