Baldur's Gate Wiki

Jopi approaches any member of the party upon sight when you enter the The Friendly Arm for the first time, complaining about the roads being cut off. He explains a variety of things depending on what you ask him. He tells you that the road to Baldur's Gate is blocked off, due to the bandits stealing metal. He also mentions that his uncle is the mage Ragefast, who lives in Baldur's Gate.


I can't stan' the way the roads are cut off these days! Me uncle's in Baldur's Gate an' I can't get there to see 'im.

1-How come the roads are cut off?
Where you been these past few months? The roads are crawling with brigands and bandits after every scrap o' iron you got on ye. Surely you must have fled some on your trip here... lest you came by the west road, that is.
2-Well, for your sake and mine, I hope the roads clear up soon. I'll see you around.
Well, I sure ain't going nowhere's.
3-Why is the west road still open?
If there's ever a book shortage, that road to Candlekeep will be the most dangerous of them all, I assure you.
4-What does your uncle do?
'E's a mage and a crotchety ol' one at that. Goes by the name of Ragefast, though as kids we always called him Grumpleskin! Har, if he ever caught us at it, he'd cast barkskin on us so we'd wander around all brown-skinned and green-haired and funny-lookin' for a few hours.