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Joolon is a Lion creature summoned forth from the Golden Lion Figurine.


Once summoned, the beast is a "controlled" creature under command of the player. The Lion will last one hour before it disappears. As a summoned creature, it can be destroyed/banished by a Death Spell. The creature cannot explore like an allied creature (such as a familiar), so it will not reveal a map and cannot disperse the "fog of war". Joolon has no dialogue.

The Lion is under a normal Haste effect, and thus has double movement rate and an additional APR. This is displayed in the InfoBox to the right. Joolon is also protected from normal weapons, which cannot strike the cat.

Joolon's bite/claw attack is classified as a +1 enchanted item with a range of 1 and speed factor of 0.

If the Lion is banished or destroyed in battle, fear not, as the Golden Lion Figurine can recharge with a standard rest period and allow another summoning once the item is refreshed.

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